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1. Which suppliers will be at the show, offering exclusive deals on health & safety solutions
Get one-off discounts on head protection equipment, protective clothing, behavioural safety solutions, safety harnesses and much more

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Share best practice with health and safety leaders from Tesco, 3M, TI Automotive, Aerothai, BP, Burton International, Nokia, Amazon and more who have already registered

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Take away practical tips from renowned experts which you can implement directly in your organisation. Find out how to create a positive safety culture, better protect lone workers and much more

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View the Professional Clothing & PPE Fashion Show, sign up to a VIP tour of the show, receive 1:2:1 advice in the legal clinic and celebrate health and safety excellence at the Rising Star awards.

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Hosted in a country regarded as a leader in Occupational Health & Safety, Safety & Health Expo brings together over 13,800 health and safety leaders, consultants, distributors, manufacturers and associations in London every June.

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